Best Console Games and How to Back Them Up With Game Copy Wizard – Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360

If you’re like me, then video gaming is a huge part of life and one of your favorite activities. Sometimes, especially when A new game hits shelves, it can be hard to choose what game to play or purchase next so I’m going to make it easy for you. Or at least help you out. In this article I talk about games that are the best console games on three systems: Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Now, some of you may not agree but it’s just my opinions. Also, I will talk about how you can back these games and your other video games up. Once you do, those pesky scratches won’t mean a thing.

If you just want to skip to Game Copy Wizard and backing up your games just scroll down.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is known for being family friendly. Being the top selling console for the past 3 years, it’s no wonder that they keep churning out games for it like water. The best console game for the Wii would have to be Super Mario Bros. Wii. This is game is like THE ultimate party game and something you most likely want to have at your house, just in case you have a big group of people over.

Now, some of you may not agree with me on Super Mario Bros. Wii being the best Nintendo Wii title currently, but I’m sure a lot of you have a couple of get-togethers at your house, you own a Nintendo Wii, and your guests ask what’s good to play. The best thing you can tell them is that you have Super Mario Bros. Wii and it’s 4 players per group! That would make your party even better, unless you don’t have a Wii. Super Mario Bros. is a classic within itself and so many individuals are familiar with it that can just pick it up and start playing. I guess, what I am trying to say is that it is the best game to have for party purposes. You don’t have to just play it whenever you have a shin-dig, you can play it with friends or with the girlfriend.


Better known as the PlayStation 3, this system has got some amazing titles and that is an understatement. The PS3 is not the most family friendly system out there so lets not talk about that. The best console game for the PS3at the moment is Heavy Rain. OK ok, I know you’re saying what about God of War 3, dude? I say Heavy Rain because I really like it. And it’s just my opinion. That’s basically it.

The storyline is intuitive and there is NO restart once your character dies. The story just keeps going and evolving. I always tell people it’s like the Grand Theft Auto: Sims Edition. If that makes sense. I don’t want to give out too much about the game so just go rent it and see it for yourself. If your girlfriend wants to watch a movie, pop in Heavy Rain.

Xbox 360

This is my favorite system, besides the red ring of death part. There are a couple of games that have come out recently, but my favorite xbox 360 game is Borderlands. Come on, you know you’re still playing it, especially when your cousin or friend comes over. It’s one of those games that just doesn’t get old at all. There are millions of guns and endless ways to use them. Unless you’re trying to use it as a vehicle, then that gets messy.

Once you take this baby online, it’s pure 4 player mayhem and its also where the real fun is at. Don’t worry about not seeing anyone on any server because there will be plenty of people playing this game for some time to come. Basically, the game shines mostly on it’s endless epic of guns. You probably have it. Or you should have it.

Ok, now for the way you can back your favorite video games up and not worry about losing them or the scratches on the back. It even works for PC games.

Game Copy Wizard

Game Copy Wizard is an easier and faster way to backup your games the legitimate way. I know some of you have scratches on the back of your CD’s or just wish you had another copy just in case you lost the one you have now. Well there is a way to backup your games: Game Copy Wizard. Basically, with this you can back up, not only your video games, but your music CD’s as well. I found it quite simple to use and quick to work. Unlike some CD burners out there, you can easily bypass the the protection applications and backup your video games and not worry about losing them anymore. It’s also for a good price, which is always good to hear. No need to worry about the scratches anymore. I’ll post a link at the bottom for you.

Alright, I know this article is long but I hope I at least helped in choose a game you will go to a store right now and rent. Well, not right now but when you have time. Also if you were looking for a legitimately good video game backup system, there is always Game Copy Wizard. It still hasn’t let me down and I doubt it will. Hope I helped!

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Wii Console Game Buyers Guide

The Wii is one of the most popular games available, and is also one that everyone in the family can enjoy. There are many different types of games and activities that you can play, including adult favorites such as yoga and Pilates. For younger fans, this game system is a good way to get up and moving, especially when compared with other sedentary games on the market today.

Benefits of Physical Activity

The Wii console game is the only game that is made with controllers that mimic your own movements. When you choose a baseball game, you must actively participate in the sport, using the controller to bat the ball. With kids today watching more and more television, and playing more virtual sports, the added activity will help you get them up and off of the couch, and ready to get active.

Sports are not the only game that you can play on this particular system. The choices range from fantasy games to real yoga classes, making it a good item for the whole family to have to become more fit and active. You can also play multi-player on the unit, making it more fun for everyone.

Full Control

Another benefit of this system is that you can set an age level on the machine, so that younger players will not play a game that you find unsuitable. To set the password, all you need to do is use the main menu, where you will set the password for the first time. After the password has been set, you will need to unlock it with your code to play other games or connect to the Internet.

Internet Connectivity

You can connect your Wii game console to the internet, and even enter your friend IDs to play with other people across the world online. You need a USB to Ethernet connection to play online, along with a broadband connection. The site that you enter from the main menu will allow you to choose the game you want to play, and allow you to enter your partner codes, as well.

The main site that is offered is free to everyone, making this system a good bargain for online players who want a different way to connect to friends. The choices are a little limited at the current time, but there are plans for more choices to be released in the future for you to enjoy.

Use with Handheld Systems

This is one of the best features of the new product. It can be linked to the hand held DS, so that you can play your older games on the television. All that you need is a connecting cable to run from the hand held unit to the main unit, and you are ready to play.

The unit also plays other games from the same system manufacturer, so you will not have to have two or more systems hooked up at once. This streamlined concept may not be new, but it

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